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Extortion – Random or Planned?

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Australians are taking punishment for refusal to comply with COVID restrictions to a new and terrifying level of tyranny – taking away everything a naysayer owns. In other words, we are seeing extortion in broad daylight under the thin veil of law.

On Saturday (November 6, 2021), The Gateway Pundit reported that the authorities in Queensland will go after those who violated the COVID-19 restrictions and were fined but have not paid the citations. Queensland now plans to seize the money they have in their bank accounts, seize their houses and/or property, and even ban them from driving. In other words, full-blown tyranny with no regard for civil rights looms over the thousands of pro-freedom Australians, who never thought they’d see a day like this in the country they considered free.

It makes sense to call it “Dystopia Down Under” like The Gateway Pundit did in their story.

But is it any surprise to see this feudal kind of rule that instantiates dictatorship? The Exposé wrote that it should come as no surprise. The post wrote:

This is not surprising, however, due to the ridiculous rules that have been implemented.

Was Extortion Part of the Plan?

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

Did the government not know that people will rebel in large numbers to violate their tyrannical rules? Or could it be that the government knew it all too well but had the plan to make a profit of it – to employ extortion for punishing insubordination? The latter sounds the more reasonable explanation. Dictators don’t do things randomly; they plan and back up their plans with more tyrannical ones should the original plans meet a challenge of insubordination. The extortion was likely planned already and is now being executed.

It is worth noting that The Exposé includes the reason for many of these residents of Queensland refusing a fine, namely that they were not able to work due to these long-running restrictions and cannot afford to pay a fine. The government surely knew the situation of these people, and that made their extortion plan more solid, as well as more sinister. They are preying on people’s weakness caused by their policies and robbing them of everything they own.

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