Enegix Energy, registered in Melbourne and Singapore partnered with US Company Black & Veatch on a feasibility study for the Base One green hydrogen plant in Ceará, Brazil.

The Base One green hydrogen project will see US$5.4 billion invested. Energix Energy is cooperating with the State Government of Ceará. The State of Ceará is on the northeastern Atlantic coast of Brazil, known as a tourist destination.

Enegix says it new green hydrogen plant will produce over 600 million kg of green hydrogen per year when fully operational in 2025.

Commenting at the time of the MOU announcement, Wesley Cooke, Enegix CEO and founder said, “Black & Veatch’s team has the capability to assess all aspects of the project, with transferable skills that cover hydrogen production, handling, transportation, storage and distribution following the highest standards for safety and efficiency. Black & Veatch is well-positioned to provide these types of services, contributing to the transition of fossil fuels to hydrogen.”

Kansas based Black & Veatch is a global engineering, procurement, construction and consulting company that brings its infrastructure development in power, oil and gas, and water into the feasibility study. Black & Veatch won the final selection thanks to prior experience with major gas and hydrogen projects.

The MOU between Enegix and Black & Veatch was signed on February 16th this year for Black & Veatch to provide the feasibility study for the Base One project. The company says the scope of works for the feasibility study includes technical design, supplier and technology selection, planning of execution, project time schedule, risk assessment, logistics strategy, and procurement strategy.

“Hydrogen project developers and investors need confidence in the quality of the advice they receive. The most complete analysis will come from partners with expertise in hydrogen, renewable energy generation, and the complex interfaces between them that define projects like Base One,” said Gary Martin a Managing Director with Black & Veatch’s Oil & Gas business. “Facilities such as the one proposed by Enegix in Ceará are at the heart of making hydrogen a core component of a zero-carbon global economy; so we are excited to be in a position to contribute.”

The vision of Enegix Energy is to deploy and manage renewably powered, utility-scale energy grids powered by hydrogen. Hydrogen is a key component in the company strategy to use the gas for electricity storage and distribution, transportation, fuel applications and re-electrification power plants to power the shift to renewable, zero-emission economies in key markets.

See the company press release through Globenewswire.