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Virtue Signal Summit Begins

The Australia-Japan Virtue Signal Summit took off and landed to huge fanfare. Country leaders, supposedly “fully vaccinated” wore national-themed facemasks to show their patriotism as well as submission to their own dubious distancing rules.

Mr Morrisson met with Mr. SUGA Yoshihide, Prime Minister of Japan, for a breakfast summit meeting while both visited the United Kingdom for the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

As well as a chance to show off their patriotic masks, they took time to have a private meeting when they went into a bunker to agree to come out with guns blazing against a common foe – the regional bully.

The Talk-Fest

Here is what they talked about.

They spoke about  further cooperation between Japan and Australia in several fields, aiming to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”

They agreed to promote cooperation with ASEAN and European countries as well as Japan-Australia-India-U.S.

They reaffirmed cooperation based on the outcome of the   Video Conference held in March between the leaders of Japan, Australia, India and the USA.

On security cooperation between the two countries, they affirmed their intention to steadily enhance cooperation as well as raising bilateral relations to a higher level.

They agreed that to respond to global issues (read China) they would further improve Japan-Australia economic cooperation.

They also agreed to do nothing about climate change through a  “Japan-Australia Partnership on Decarbonisation through Technology”  (PDF))

They said they support energy transitions in Asia (presumably by buying more Chinese solar panels). Again speaking about, but not mentioning China, they voiced strong shared  opposition to economic coercion.

Prime Minister Morrison again supported his ally by expressing support for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. They also exchanged views on various regional issues, continuing to work closely together.

Virtue Signal Summit Ends

The Virtue Signal Summit anded when the two leaders also met in private for  20 minutes after the public meeting. This is probably when they laughed about their virtue-signalling game and really talked about what they plan to do next.

Local politics were not mentioned, so, needless to say, Albo was not happy.

australia japan virtue signal summit. Cartoon by

Australia-Japan virtue signalling summit. Cartoon by