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Australia is steady as she goes as the conservative liberal party coalition was returned to power this week in a stunning turnaround. The silent majority acted with a vengeance against Bill Shorten’s Labor Party.

The pollsters, the pundits, the other parties and the media all got it wrong. They had written off the conservatives and the media was helping to push the story that the Labor Party would win in a landslide.

Australia’s silent majority, “the quiet people,” spoke out on their ballot papers, after the Labour and green parties and the ABC sought to silence them and take their money to give to others.

The Labour Party was pushing its “Politics of Envy” mantra, but they scared a wide range of people, even many who might have otherwise voted for them.

Bill Shorten made it clear that he would use money squeezed out of all those Australian voters to pay for his pet programs.

Not only were Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen prepared to take away other people’s money, they openly said they were proud to do it.

bill shorten attacks silent majority

Bill Shorten Attacks the Silent Majority

The Liberal Party, lead by Scott Morrison ran a masterful campaign against Labour and the Greens, with open backing from the national broadcaster.

Journalists at the ABC must have skipped their ethics and interviewing classes at journalism school.

Their new way of interviewing Liberal Party ministers is to ask a question and then harangue them as soon as they begin to speak.

The ABC’s Michael Rowland has become notorious for this unethical way of speaking to liberal politicians.

This harassment has not gone unnoticed by the “quiet people” in the electorate

The ABCs harassing and intolerant methods are showing up in the way that younger people now treat politicians, egged on by the Labour Party and “progressives.”

Over recent years there have been lowered standards of stability in the parliament and around the country.

Over many years the left took over education this lead to a lowering of standards and many changes in curriculum. They also removed many practical subjects, such as cooking, woodwork, metalwork, and physical education.

Instead, Australia’s children are now indoctrinated in unproven global warming theory so they can move the electorate to the left.

They also inflame passions by attacking Conservative viewpoints and Conservative governments in an attempt to force the government towards more globalist and progressive policies.

While the left tell anyone who will listen that they are the party of ideas, science, knowledge and intelligence, they are actually pushers of dogma.

Not dogma in the normal, religious sense of the word, but dogma globalist, United Nations dogma.

Although there is much more to say on this topic, now is a time for celebration for Australians who aspire to improve their lives.

Australia dodged a bullet by retaining a conservative government.

Millennial Labor Voters Would Hurt Their Family and Themselves

The video below is a great insight from Bill Montgomery, who explains to millennials how their vote for Labor will hurt their parents, their granparents, and eventually themselves.