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Preference For Migrants

A new survey says British migrants see Australia or New Zealand as their preferred destination to start a new life. Surprisingly, although English-speaking countries dominated the top five spots, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece also placed well, some in the top ten.

The PSS National UK Emigration Survey conducted by PSS International Removals shows language is less of a barrier than it used to be.

As expected, asked what tempted them to emigrate, the answer was often better weather and lifestyle.

Liam Witham, Managing Director of PSS International Removals, said, “It was not a big surprise to see Australia and New Zealand at the top of the list but we were surprised to see a draw. We help thousands of families relocate and in recent years the relaxed, family friendly culture that’s found Down Under has really appealed. The lifestyle of these two countries is exactly what families are seeking…”

It was expected that two popular holiday destinations, Hong Kong and UAE might also be popular for emigration, but neither rated highly. Many UK international removals do go to these two booming economies, but neither rated well. That’s the difference between moving for work and moving for life.

Liam Witham says, “Although it’s becoming slightly more difficult, there are still many opportunities for British people to start a new life overseas.”

Skilled Migrants

According to a report after the survey, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada still attract British people in skilled professions.

Some people may be taking the opportunity to move to Europe, especially Spain, France, Portugal, and other Mediterranean countries, before Brexit completes.

The survey was based on more than 1,000 responses from adults living across the UK responding through social media. PSS International Removals correlated the responses to identify the top dream destinations for Brits moving abroad.

australia nz top destination for brits. Image by chrisjmit from Pixabay

Australia NZ Top Destination. Image by chrisjmit from Pixabay