In a resolute stand against the proposed Pandemic Treaty, CitizenGO, representing over half a million Australians who signed their petition, recently concluded a crucial mission in Geneva. The organization’s unwavering determination was evident as they confronted decision-makers during the seventh meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pandemic Treaty Battle

The negotiations in Geneva became a battleground of ideas and principles, with globalists and leftists pushing for a swift resolution to the Pandemic Treaty. CitizenGO, along with thousands of citizens worldwide, provided a formidable opposition, challenging the rush to finalize the treaty.

In a recent email update, the organization expressed gratitude to its supporters for their ongoing commitment, persistence, and generosity, emphasizing the pivotal role these qualities played in echoing the concerns of more than 500,000 people within the corridors of the UN.

CitizenGo Represents Supporters in Geneva

During the Geneva mission, the CitizenGO team took proactive measures to make their stance known. They conducted actions outside the United Nations and WHO Headquarters, ensuring that their message was visible to delegates from every nation. Flyers containing crucial information on the potential threats posed by the Pandemic Treaty were delivered directly into the hands of delegates and Permanent Missions to the UN.

Halt the pandemic treaty performance for WHO delegates. Photo: CitizenGo.

Halt the pandemic treaty performance for WHO delegates. Photo: CitizenGo.

The organization’s representatives engaged with numerous delegations, meeting directly with delegates, WHO negotiators, and experts. The goal was to express strong opposition to the draft and raise awareness about the potential repercussions for individual freedoms, national sovereignty, and global health policy. Signatures from concerned citizens were personally delivered to delegations, including those from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, and the European Union.

Half a Million Supporters

The email highlighted the impact of the collective voice of half a million citizens, stating that every meeting, conversation, and leaflet represents the strength of this united cause. Despite the WHO’s push to finalize a global agreement, the organization sees signs of uncertainty within their ranks and a race against time, attributing these factors to the direct impact of the collective voice of citizens.

May 2024 Deadline

As negotiations progress toward the May 2024 deadline, the tension is palpable, with globalists and UN bureaucrats becoming increasingly aware of the growing resistance. The organization emphasized the critical importance of the upcoming months, urging supporters to stay engaged and hopeful as they approach the final stages of this radical proposal.

CitizenGO underscored the need for ongoing engagement, stating that the stakes are higher than ever. The WHO and its allies are expected to continue pushing for the treaty, but the organization remains steadfast in its mission. The email urged supporters to stay united, emphasizing that collective action can shape a safer and freer future for all.

There is something very wrong with our politicians, seeking multiple ways to take away our freedoms. It was only a few months ago that the federal Labor government tried to push Australians into the failed Voice referendum.