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A young, healthy, and fit car mechanic in Melbourne came down with a stroke after taking his second Pfizer shot to keep his job. He has been abandoned by the government now as he suffers disability.

The COVID World reported that 36-year-old Peter Lee experienced a serious headache soon after taking his second Pfizer shot against COVID-19 in order to keep his job. While he followed the respective clinic’s advice to take Panadol (Paracetamol) to treat the headache, two days later he collapsed while walking outside.

He was rushed to Box Hill Hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke on his right brain capsule due to blood clots.

The story says that after two weeks of treatment, the young car mechanic is still dependent on his wife in basic day-to-day life activities, like showering and getting dressed. Unable to work, Lee is now looking to the government for financial assistance. But the Australian government seems to have abandoned him.

Pfizer shot

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Stroke Associated with the Pfizer Shot reported that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) does not recognize stroke as an adverse effect associated with the Pfizer shot, which is making it difficult for Lee to get financial assistance from the government on the claim of a vaccine injury. The story cited a spokeswoman from the Health department as:

These events are often coincidental, rather than being caused by the vaccine, therefore any attempts to link the two based on a temporal association alone is misleading.

The story added that according to Mr. Lee, the concerned authorities contacted by his wife simply expressed their sympathy and said they had never heard such a report of adverse event after vaccination. Lee was cited as:

All they would say is, “We’re so sorry to hear that but we’ve never heard this kind of report.”

Citing a study by the Oxford University in August 2021, the story added that the study found a “slight increase in stroke risk” among people taking the Pfizer shot.