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Martin Tye Stable Population Party

Martin Tye, the stable population party candidate for the seat of Eden-Monaro, at the Queanbeyan Council’s Candidates night, said the new party’s focus is on the ‘everything‘ issue, population.

Mr. Tye talked to the forum about ‘growth.’ He aid the party was formed to give voice to the 70% of Australians who do not want a ‘big’ Australia, that had been promoted by both Labor and Liberal governments in the past.

He noted that Australia has seen over 30 years of rapid population growth, with the result that Australia’s population is rising by more than 1 million every three years. Asking those present to reflect on the track record of successive governments, he posed two questions: “Is the big Australia push benefitting you?” and “Where has the wealth from the resources boom gone?”

martin tye, stable population party

Martin Tye Stable Population Party.

The Stable Population Party says that stabilising Australia’s population will achieve the following:

  • relieve overstretched infrastructure including hospitals schools and roads
  • ease cost of living pressures including housing, energy, water and transport
  • protect our environment including food water and energy resources… Native bushland and animal habitats
  • promote education and training
  • minimise urban sprawl
  • create a more resilient economy to sustain and enhance prosperity for generations to come

Asserting that “Population is the everything issue,” MartinTye said eight of the top nations with the highest per capita wealth have low or stable populations.

Vision For The Future

Speaking directly to the population of Queanbeyan, he said the city was officially proclaimed a township 175 years ago, but it has now reached a crossroads. He said his vision for the future of Queanbeyan is that of a vibrant and healthy city with a resilient and sustainable economy, where everyone has good access to health care and well funded schools. He wants to see people spending more time enjoying life and with their children.

The goal is for Queanbeyan to be a city characterised by clean mountain air and open spaces, not by massive urban sprawl, traffic congestion & smog, as we are starting to see now. Queanbeyan could be surrounded by our magnificent environment where native animals have a home and future generations can enjoy Australia’s great outdoors.

Mr. Tye said the achievable foundation stone of this vision is a stable population, but the current methods that only micro-manage the symptoms of population overload are not working, after 30 years of pro-population growth policies.

Send a Message

Martin Tye asked voters to “Send a message on the future of this city and your country, in Eden-Monaro, Vote 1, Martin Tye, for The Stable Population Party.”

The Stable Population Party website has more information about the party and its platform.