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Australian politicians from the major parties have been fighting amongst themselves for years and the people have been distracted because of their busy lives, assisted by the media and sports. The people were also encouraged to fight the politicians’ enemies – anyone who didn’t want to be coerced into doing things. Many more Australians can now see this, and now a new grass-roots campaign called “Put The Majors Last” aims to help Australians make a positive change for all.

Infighting is not good for Australia or Australians – it causes harm. The politicians have failed the people.

The big question is how can this harm to Australia be stopped because the dominant political parties have a stranglehold on campaign finance and access to big media that ignore and denigrate small parties, independents and people who think for themselves.

Grass-Roots Campaign

The new grass-roots campaign and their website called Majors Last has a solution that Australian voters can use to cause a change to the the government at the next election. It aims to prompt Australians to change the mix of people in the parliament to add more independent voices that are focus on the well-being of all Australians.

The Majors Last website contains explanations on how the voting system works, using videos and links to the Australian Electoral Commission, for those who don’t know or who need a reminder.

It also has suggestions for those who want to shake up the electoral system and stop the politicians from further harming Australia and Australians. That’s because many people fear it is about to get a lot worse after the election if the makeup of the federal parliament is not drastically changed.

Preferential Voting

How to vote in Barker

How to vote in Barker

Australia’s electoral system was set up to allow voters to have greater control over the politicians they elect, but the two major parties Liberal and Labor have dominated. That would be a good thing if they truly represented Australians. But these parties and their entrenched politicians are less and less representative of the people and more representative of outside forces such as big business, big unions, lobbyists, the United Nations and now globalist bodies such as the World Economic Forum.

Making Choices

The preferential voting system provides Australians with a great opportunity to alter the makeup of those who sit in the parliament and make the laws we all must live by. Our current politicians are preparing to hand over governance of the country to the unelected bureaucrats chosen by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The laws and rules they would govern us by are unlikely to be to our advantage.

Extra Control

Preferential voting allows Australian citizens to the chance to have more control over who leads us, and that can stop the major parties ramming through legislation without sufficient debate. That is what they have been doing and intend to continue if they have complete control.

Australians have all seen how the big parties have treated us over the past two years. Their harmful action – or inaction – has resulted in multiple independent freedom-supporting candidates standing up, aiming to switch the focus of representation back to the people rather than to unelected bureaucrats.

Put The Majors Last

The “Put the Majors Last” campaign provides tools for the people to chart their own course.

The website is the first logical place to start, to discover “the PML strategy,” read about the “how to vote cards” each person can create, and search for the candidates in their own electorate, to know who to vote for to secure freedom from government overreach.

Visit the Majors Last website.

put the majors last

Put the majors last

Sack Them All

Such is the harm and hardship that Australia’s “ruling class” can (and has) put on the people and the country, that multiple freedom-centric groups have sprung up in the past year. Some of them have combined to come together on May 14th, in places all over Australia. This is truly a grass-roots effort, with people coming together to peacefully change our system before it is too late.

Most of the current politicians and media have sought to drive a wedge between Australians, in a divide-and-conquer approach. They did this by repeating that vaccines were safe and effective when they were not; that we would “kill grandma,” by not wearing masks; that some people were “anti-vaxxers,” and they were bad people; that plastic and paper masks could stop transmission of a virus, when the science shows that was a lie; and that doctors were not allowed to treat people with medication other than the new COVID vaccines.

The politicians and media, using our tax dollars, pushed so many falsehoods and so much fear that eventually, many people stopped using their own brains and just did what they were told. Some of those people were severely harmed as a result, and the media and politicians abandoned them, having served their purpose.

sack them all

Sack them all poster.

Now Is The Time To Act

All Australians can do their own research and join hands together, to stop the relatively few entrenched politicians, bureaucrats and media from driving us all over the cliff that would result if we did nothing and allowed the global elites to take control of us. The time to do this is now, not after it happens, because as history has shown, trying to come back from a bad change is always a very difficult and messy affair.

Independent Candidate

Vince Pannell, an Independent candidate in the South Australian federal seat of Barker has been tellingĀ  voters about the options they have for maximising the value of their vote at the next election. On his facebook page, he has provided useful information for all people who value their freedom.

So the “Put the Majors Last” campaign asks Australians to resolve to put the majors last and work out ahead of time how you will do that, by voting for independents and small parties, for both House and Senate ballot papers.