Sarah Game made history in 2022 as the first One Nation member of the South Australian Parliament and the first female One Nation parliamentarian elected outside of Pauline Hanson. Her journey from a veterinary surgeon to a passionate advocate for education and community welfare is both inspiring and impactful.

Sarah Game Early Life and Career

From a young age, Sarah Game aspired to contribute positively to her community. Excelling in school, she pursued veterinary medicine, graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney in 2006. Her passion for animals, especially horses, led her to practice veterinary medicine in the United Kingdom, where she later transitioned to a second career in teaching.

“I’m a hard worker, and everything I’ve chosen to do has been to make a positive difference in my community,” said Ms. Game. “Teaching in the UK, especially working with children who had learning difficulties, gave me a passion for quality education.”

Returning to Adelaide in 2016, Sarah paused her career to focus on raising her three children before resuming veterinary practice. Now, as a single mother and a member of the South Australian Parliament, she dedicates her efforts to improving education and supporting the most vulnerable.

Political Focus and Achievements

Sarah Game’s legislative efforts reflect her commitment to tangible outcomes and transparency. She has successfully advocated for an increase in the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme, doubling the rebate to ensure equitable access to lifesaving medical care for those in regional areas.

Key Initiatives:

  • Educational Reform: Ms. Game is determined to improve education standards in South Australia. She introduced the Statutes Amendment (Children in Care) Bill 2023, mandating annual meetings between the Minister for Child Protection and the Minister for Education to discuss educational outcomes of children in state care.
  • Support for Farmers: Advocating against stringent regulations on farmers, Ms. Game emphasizes the need for addressing the regional skills shortage through improved education.
  • Water Security: She calls for transparency in water ownership to ensure national security, linking it directly to food and water security.
  • Mental Health and Homelessness: Recognizing the overrepresentation of veterans in mental health and homelessness statistics, she has raised concerns with the SA Chief Psychiatrist and promoted the teaching of resilience and positive relationships in schools.
  • Judicial Reforms: Ms. Game is the only member to oppose race-based laws such as the “First Nations Voice to Parliament” and Nunga Courts, advocating for a fair and unified legal system.

Community Engagement

Sarah Game encourages South Australians to reach out with suggestions for legislative reforms, emphasizing a collaborative approach. “Together, we can ensure our values and Australian way of life are protected for future generations,” she said.

Ms. Game’s dedication to public service is evident in her extensive engagement with various stakeholders, including veterans’ groups, housing bodies, and educational institutions. Her focus remains on creating a safe, inclusive, and prosperous environment for all South Australians.

See Sarah Game’s website for more information.