In governance, transparency and accountability are paramount. Recent revelations about the travel expenses of NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) CEO Yuseph Deen highlight significant financial and ethical concerns.

Travel Costs and Residency Questions

Yuseph Deen has incurred substantial travel expenses, reportedly while residing in Queensland. Despite the CEO’s position being based in Sydney, frequent travels between Queensland and NSW have led to significant financial implications.

Additionally, trips from Coffs Harbour further raise questions about his actual residency.

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Coffs Harbour – Sydney: Multiple trips.
  • Brisbane – Sydney: Frequent travels.
  • Sydney – New York: $20,800 for a first-class flight.
  • Sydney – Boston: $18,801 for a first-class flight.
  • Executive Education: $10,700.
  • Accommodation at Crowne Plaza: $2,497.
  • Accommodation at Till Ms G Parramatta: $2,054.

Financial and Governance Implications

The CEO’s travel expenses, totaling approximately $73,736, raise several critical questions:

  • Residency Confirmation: Why was the CEO living in Queensland, and what are the justifications for this arrangement?
  • Expense Approvals: Who approved these expenses, and what justifications were provided?
  • Impact on Budget and Operations: How have these expenses affected NSWALC’s budget and its ability to support Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs)?

Ethical Concerns and Public Perception

The luxurious travel expenses, particularly first-class flights to New York and Boston, come at a time when NSWALC faces financial losses and governance challenges. Such expenditures are unjustifiable and highlight a disconnect between the CEO’s lifestyle and the financial struggles of the communities NSWALC serves.

Call for Transparency and Reform

In pursuit of transparency, according to his LinkedIn post, journalist Dean Foley contacted NSWALC, Yuseph Deen, Aboriginal Affairs NSW, and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty, David Harris MP, for comments. Unfortunately, none responded. This lack of response underscores the urgent need for greater accountability and transparency within NSWALC. Robust governance mechanisms must be implemented to prevent such financial discrepancies and rebuild trust within the community. Dean Foley empowers First Nations Entrepreneurship.

qantas first class checkin

Qantas First Class checkin.


The financial and leadership practices at NSWALC raise serious concerns about transparency and accountability. The substantial travel expenses incurred by CEO Yuseph Deen highlight the need for stringent oversight and responsible fiscal management. The revelation that the CEO was residing outside of NSW further complicates the issue, questioning the logistical and ethical considerations of such an arrangement.


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