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Just as suddenly as it had appeared in the media in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been dropped out of the news circus. The puppet masters have realized that the manufactured pandemic crisis is no more of use to their politics. So the Ukraine crisis serves as the perfect replacement to draw people’s attention worldwide from disease to war.

For two years, Yahoo News, the well-known and widely read leftist information platform used to be dominated by updates on COVID numbers, research studies on vaccines and treatments, COVID death news from across the US and the world, and then some. But it all changed almost suddenly in the past 10 days as the Russia-Ukraine conflict has literally replaced the pandemic in the news world. Yahoo News accordingly is not running a single COVID story on its homepage this morning. Now it’s all about Ukraine. So what changed that inspired this shift?

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Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The short answer to this question would be: people’s rising resistance. Over the past two years, skeptics and pro-freedom segments of the world population, namely conservatives and libertarians, have opposed the government tyranny imposed on the populace using the manufactured crisis of COVID-19. Governments around the world attacked people’s freedom and civil rights in the name of science and safety. And they weren’t going to stop until they had imposed vaccination on every single person alive on the planet, from babies to grannies.

But thanks to the conservatives and pro-freedom people, using the alternative media and free-speech social media sites, as well as the good guys in various walks of life from health to media and government, the plan to take away all of people’s freedom was defeated. From Australia in the south to the United States and Canada in the north, people fought the tyranny of the pharma-government alliance with fact-sharing, lawsuits, and public protests in person. Wide-ranging and widespread scientific fraud in research and practice was exposed. People sacrificed their jobs and faced homelessness and poverty to stand their grounds against government overreach. The handful of real, patriotic leaders challenged the global establishment’s furthering the pandemic emergency narrative in lawmaking avenues and the courts of law as real journalists kept exposing the lies and conspiracies of the pharma-government alliance against people.

The resistance against the pandemic plot kept building and the leftist establishment along with the spineless self-proclaimed conservatives realized that it was no longer possible nor favorable to their own political interests to keep throwing around the pandemic emergency ball. So they decided to toss it out, but not without replacing it with a new ball to keep the attention of the people engaged. The Russia-Ukraine conflict served as the perfect ball for them in this game. Those governments that targeted, mocked, arrested, and punished the disobedient freedom-loving people for refusing to comply with the mandates and restrictions are now calling for the same people to stand with them because another emergency has appeared – and conveniently so – the emergency of a possible world war against an oppressive force.

With the power game’s ball, the regulators have changed rules and positions. For two years, people who refused to comply were labeled the bad actors and the governments did not care for them. Now, seeing the people’s power is building to the point where they won’t be held captive anymore, they are being told about this one bad actor that is allegedly a threat to everyone: Russia. The alleged COVID-19 virus is no longer dangerous; masks are off in most places; the air is suddenly clean; and the vaccine mandates are being dropped.

The media does not write news stories; it writes scripts. The COVID pandemic show is over and the Ukraine show is on. What hasn’t changed is the fact that the same people are running the show. Will the audience lose its awareness in this theatre of deception and forget what was done to them for two years? Will they ever get out of their seats, go to the projection room, and grab the hand that operates the projector to stop the political movie marathon? The audience has to decide.