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To recharge electric cars in 10 minutes, Bill Shorten relies on non-existent new technology. In a recent Radio interview, Bill Shorten previewed what appeared to be the Labor Party’s new electric car battery charging technology. According to Shorten, that new technology would reduce charging times from eight hours down to 10 minutes.

Bill Shorten’s Labour Party energy policy sets a 50% renewable energy target by 2030. At the same time, they want to replace all cars in Australia that are petrol or diesel powered, with electric cars.

There are many signs that Bill Shorten and his party do not understand anything about what they’re proposing. One glaring example is that when asked how long it would take to recharge an electric vehicle Shorten said “eight to ten minutes.”

To some, it appeared he was announcing new battery charging technology, but he backed off from his claim later, and it became clear he just didn’t know what he was talking about.

Recharging an electric vehicle battery in four hours would be an amazing feat, considering it currently takes around eight hours or more. Bill Shorten must have some amazing technology in mind to achieve that in 8 to 10 minutes.

bill shorten wants to recharge electric cars quickly.

Bill Shorten the battery charger PM-aspirant.

Recharge Electric Cars Without Coal Fired Power

The whole reason for this policy with electric vehicles is Labor’s aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 45% in the next ten years (2030).

As part of that plan, Labor wants a total ban on coal-fired power generation.

This is crazy and gives Australia no backup for when the supposed “sustainable power” fails to deliver.

If Labor and the Greens succeed in shutting down all the coal-fired power plants, Australians will die, because wind and solar cannot replace coal or gas. Coal power doesn’t care about solar radiation levels. Nor if it is hot, cold, dark, cloudy, raining, snowing, or volcanic dust covers the sky. Coal produces power 24x7x365. Other new power technology is currently unviable.

Carbon dioxide is a necessary plant food, and according to NASA, the slight increase in carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere has resulted in the “greening” of the planet. Labor and the greens want to stop that – even though there is no proof humans can achieve it.

Cars driven by Australians currently output about 10% of all of Australia’s “carbon emissions.” That means the massive emphasis on cars is just not warranted and will result in making no difference whatsoever, for a massive cost and disruption.

A video that appeared here was an irreverent but true take on the stupid posturing about any change to electric cars and ways to recharge electric cars. Unfortunately, the creators decided to remove it because it made them look stupid.