Made by Cow, the world’s first cold-pressed raw milk company, based in Adelaide, has shut down due to economic challenges.

The Australian company pioneered the production and sale of cold-pressed raw milk, and recently announced it went into voluntary administration and ceased operations.

The company launched in 2016, as the first to use high cold water pressure technology to eliminate harmful bacteria from unpasteurised milk, making it safe and legal to sell to consumers. The process also preserved the natural nutrients and flavour of raw milk, which attracted a loyal customer base.

Made by Cow Milk Source

Made by Cow sourced its milk from a single herd of 300 Jersey cows in NSW and sold its products in Coles, Woolworths and independent retailers across the country. The company claimed to have grown by 50 per cent year-on-year and expanded to more than 300 retailers in 2019.

However, in a statement posted on its website and social media accounts, Made by Cow CEO Wade Porter said the company faced economic uncertainty and supply chain challenges due to the climate of rising interest rates and inflation. He said the decision to close the doors was “very tough” and thanked customers, farmers and staff for their support.

made by cow cold pressed milk

Made by Cow cold pressed milk. image c/o Made By Cow

Premium Product Pricing

The company’s products were priced at $7.95 for a 1.5 litre bottle, making it one of the most expensive milks on the market. The company had increased its prices in September last year due to rising costs for milk, freight and labour.

Processing System

The game changing high pressure processing system is the same as used to create “cold-pressed juice.”

The company says pasteurising the milk through HPP rather than the traditional heating method retains live enzymes that are lost in the heating method.

“All the things heat-based processing does to milk like squashing vitamins and enzymes, cold press does not,” a spokesperson for the brand told in 2019.

“It is exactly the same as raw milk without the bacteria.”

KordaMentha was appointed as administrator of Made by Cow and is conducting an assessment of the company’s financial position and prospects.