Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, has been charged with concealing treason and summoned to a court hearing. He is reportedly on leave now and self-isolating.

Daniel Andrews

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Treason Concealment Charges against Daniel Andrews

The World Freedom Alliance on November 16 reported on the charges against Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, a leader of the left-wing Labor party. The charges against him include concealing the unlawful removal of the constitutional monarch, without a national referendum. In legal terms, Andrews is facing charges of Misprision of Treason, i.e. knowingly concealing treason or not reporting it to the proper authority.

Andrews is scheduled to appear at the court Friday, 17th of December. The post also noted that it is a private prosecution, meaning a private citizen filed the charges against the accused and that:

A sitting politician CAN NOT remain in Parliament whilst defending a criminal charge.

The Accused Premier Goes on Leave

Daily Mail reported on December 14 that Premier Andrews “quietly ducked out of Melbourne” after he was summoned to appear before the court on Friday.

Insiders told Daily Mail Australia Mr. Andrews had simply fobbed off the pesky litigation, which comes amid several more pressing legal matters for the Andrews Government to worry about.

The paper said it was not clear where Andrews has gone for holidays. It added that the private prosecution of the Victorian Premier was rejected by several courts before getting accepted by the criminal justice stream in Myrtleford.

Truth11 wrote that Andrews faces life sentence if convicted.

While historical charges of treason used to carry the death penalty, the current punishment is listed as a life sentence.

Self-Isolation over COVID Concerns

Sky News reported today that Daniel Andrews has gone into self-isolation after attending a birthday party with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Mr. Andrews has taken a COVID test and is awaiting the results after only starting his Christmas leave five days ago.

It is not clear why Mr. Andrews, who has been imposing strict lockdowns and mask mandate as well as pushed for strict vaccine mandate for the public, allowed a party without requiring negative COVID test results by the participants.